Making Characters

Making Characters!

1] *Races tend to lean towards Dragonborn, Drawf, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfing, Human and Tiefling however they are all welcome. *

2] Don’t roll your stats.

3] We’re starting at Level 8. Level 7, 8 and 9 magic item.

4] Lawful Good – Chaotic Neutral
Really, really want evil? If desperate for evil must play nicely with others and have a background to support playing nice with your other party members even with your evil nature.

5] Background. Helpful Link!
Must create an adequate background for your character.
Must have a wife/husband (with or without children) or alternatively wait for a love interest to be introduced through out the campaign for you.
Must have a strong attachment to a family member/best friend that live some where through out Prekrasna or a best friend found while in the campaign.
Pictures should be provided or at the very least descriptions and I will find a picture and then you should write up a short bio of them and put it on the site.

Remember you’re level 8 and have a lot to pick from in terms of history. I will allow your previous level to have been gained by either practice or through lessons and schools.

6] Must make an account on this site and be added to this campaign. You’ll get points! Point Rules

7] Pick where your house in Bellumpax will be. Comment with that number on the site. Link!

8] Have fun.

Making Characters

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